Generation Green empowers citizens to voice their concerns and implement earth saving actions. Through heightend awareness we encourage wise choices that ensure sustainable living and the preservation of the environment.

Since 1990, Generation Green (a 501c3) has sought to inform and encourage environmental action in CCC. Generation Green has hosted dozens of workshops and attended countless events. Our efforts have reached all segments of the community. From local arts and crafts classes to attendance at City Council meetings—our goal is to educate all residents in the county about environmental issues.

Generation Green is the fiscal sponsor for various environmentally-conscious education programs and events:

Contra Costa County Climate Leaders Program

Local Governments are taking the lead to create sustainable communities and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Contra Costa County (CCC). To facilitate, track and measure regional action, 4CL monitors activities, provides free resources and tools, and provides a multimedia communications strategy that ensures best practices are shared and implemented. Elected officials and staff receive a monthly newsletter, attend workshops and share successes on line. Learn more here.

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Dumpster Diversion

Discover the process of creative reuse through arts and crafts with the Dumpster Diversion Project (DDP). We promote the principles of conservation, recycling and reuse. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy using unique materials to create amazing works of art! DDP facilitates the construction of trash to treasures: unusual arts/crafts pieces made from found objects. Participants quickly learn that it is important to think before you toss anything away! The DDP also provides local artists and teachers with discarded materials for various projects. Recipients of DDP materials include the Early Childhood center of Martinez, the Martinez Arts Association, as well as the Boys and Girls Club of Martinez. Learn more here.

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Green Rheem

A Resource for Great Environmental Films! For more than 5 years, in partnership with the Rheem Theatre , in Moraga California, we provided monthly local food, Wine & Enviro Films ! We continue to share links to movies that provide Great Opportunity to Learn About Key Issues. Sharing new releases, recommendations and periodic environmental film nights.  Join us on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/GreenRheem/


Sustainable Schools Connection

Sustainable Schools Connection aims to promote and support sustainability with youth by cultivating environmental stewardship and encouraging individual, campus and community involvement.

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Red, White and Blues Celebration

This is a periodic fundraising event that features local food and wine around the 4th of July. Contact us for more information or to be a part of the celebration at info@generationgreen.com