Generation Green Art Workshops

Put the "mental" in environmental with these wacky recycled art workshops!

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Generation Green’s Trashopia brings you a network of wonderful reuse artists.


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A list of places to get recycled materials for art.

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Places to discuss reuse.

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A list of sites with reuse ideas.

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The Dumpster Diversion Project - saving strange things in the name of art and education. If it's dead or just sitting in a junk drawer, think about donating it!


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Environmental Workshops

Generation Green and its partners in the community offer a number of workshops for your school, program, or group. We also work with people who have their own curricula.

Educational Workshops

For a list of upcoming classes scheduled in your area, to volunteer, or to discuss having a class taught at your facility email us.

Actual duration, topics, and specific details can be customized to meet any need.

Our classes can also be catered to young and old alike!

Available to school districts, parks and recreation departments, dorporate picnics, community events, fairs, assemblies, and anything else you can conjure up!

Fun, creative, hands-on workshops to enhance your youth activities program! Each workshop is creative, interactive and educational! The classes combine science, art and the environment; with topics such as alternative energy sources, water quality, rainforests, reuse and recycling. During a six or eight week period, a different issue is covered in each session. Every topic is accompanied by a fun, hands-on craft activity for the kids to take home. Our art media focuses on creative reuse by incorporating materials that would have been otherwise discarded.

Some of our workshops include:


Let's learn about the Native Americans and how they lived off the earth. Participate in creating personalized drums, using collaged cardboard carpet tubes, coffee cans and inner tube tires, and/or balloons. Each child will construct his or her own drum, and participate in a group drumming circle!


Make your own paper! Recycle junk mail into unique varieties of paper! Visually see what recycling is all about and take part in the process. Its easy, fast, and fun!


Discover the variety of plants and animals in the rainforest. Discuss the benefits of the rainforests and Build your very own rainstick!

Solar Energy

Learn how the sun provides for us everyday! You'll see first hand, how we might harness this power to use as an alternative fuel. We'll make a sun mandala to reflect the sun's rays.

Sum It Up

Learn about exponential mathematics, as we take a look at the earth's growing population. Create a 3-D bar graph that visually demonstrates this process.

Trash to Treasures

Discover the process of creative Reuse! 'Think before you throw ANYTHING away'. Using old campaign buttons that have been discarded, we create fun fashionable pins to wear! Make creative designs using dried flowers, discarded wrapping paper, beads, feathers, and more!

Weather and Wind

Why does the wind blow? What does it do, and does it change directions? Let's build our own windsock and observe the process of wind motion and how we might use this as a source of power.

Wonders of Water

Experiment with plants and visually watch the uptake of water! See how we interact in this process. Learn about acids and bases, the pH of water, and pollution. See for yourself its affects on erosion!

"Worms, Worms, Worms!

What is composting and how does it happen? We'll discuss the variables involved in decomposition and how the process takes place. Have fun learning about worms and their role in making the system complete.