Generation Green Art Workshops

Put the "mental" in environmental with these wacky recycled art workshops!

Art on the Web

Generation Green’s Trashopia brings you a network of wonderful reuse artists.


Details on how to throw a Trashy Fashion Show.

Materials Exchange

A list of places to get recycled materials for art.

Reuse Forums

Places to discuss reuse.

Reuse Crafts

A list of sites with reuse ideas.

Discards Wanted

The Dumpster Diversion Project - saving strange things in the name of art and education. If it's dead or just sitting in a junk drawer, think about donating it!


Recycling information.

Recycling News

Bi-monthly Northern CA recycling news.

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Environmental Workshops

Generation Green and its partners in the community offer a number of workshops for your school, program, or group. We also work with people who have their own curricula.

Recycled Art Workshops

Brought to you by the Dumpster Diversion Project

For a list of upcoming classes scheduled in your area, to volunteer, or to discuss having a class taught at your facility email us.

All materials are provided. All that is required for participants to bring is their imagination!
(and have our waiver release form signed by a parent if under 18)

All workshops include our mini display of items made from discarded items. Information for teachers, parents etc. on environmental resources in the community.


All workshops may result in participants never looking at their trash quite the same way again…
and thinking twice before they throw it away!

Artelopes (ages 7+)

Make envelopes from calendars, maps. Easy and fun!

Crazy Hat Day (all ages)

Participants make hats from a grocery sack & variety of discarded materials to reflect their personalities. Wacky creations are sure to be made from this workshop! Tons of Fun!

CD Magic (all ages)

Workshops focus on transforming discarded CDs into art.

Includes: brief introduction on how a CD is made what materials are used to make it and why they make such cool ART material and should not be thrown away! All supplies are provided. Workshops run about 60 minutes for this one longer time for the CD mandalas may be required.

CD Spinners.

Pre-made with a penny in the middle, Participants decorate with colorful permanent markers and then have spin off contests!

CD Fish

Make a beautiful CD Fish to hang! Partipants will trace and cut out fins, glue between 2 cds add some eyes.

CD Mandala's

Make a beautiful CD Mandela to hang anywhere

Find the Inner You with an Inner Tube (teen workshop)!

You won't believe some of the things you can make with this wonderful material that is usually discarded! Make earrings, necklaces, wristbands, headbands and more!

Hubcap Shields (teen workshop)

Found along roadsides everywhere hubcaps are an art medium not to be missed with this wonderful activity!

Magic Wands (all ages)

We start with a basic rolled up tube of discarded mylar plans, and make a wonderful wand using various discarded materials!

Rainsticks (ages 9 +)

Learn how a few nails and a cardboard tube can sound just like an authentic Rain stick! Learn about why Rainforests are important.

Record Art 1(all ages)

Using discarded record albums & bright paint, and other discarded material, participants create wonderful colorful works of art that can be easily put on a wall!

Record Art 2

Records are pre drilled to make fabulous hanging mandalas.

Six-Pack Ring Magic

Make a flower - all ages enjoy making our hyacinth flowers! Learn about nature and the environment, by creating amazing 'Hyacinth' flowers, from discarded six pack rings! Also learn about the dangers to wildlife from improperly disposing of this refuse, and how we can do our part to help.

Sockart(ages 9+)

We can't tell you where the matching sock went but we can show you what to do with the one that was left!

Sssssssssnakes(age level 9 years+)

Using discarded ties, create a whimsical snake and learn why snakes are important to our environment!


Make a star – involves lots and lots of stapling – good for older groups

Talking Sticks (all ages)

Using a variety of discarded items, and a stick, learn what a talking stick is and how it is used.

Trashy Rythms( ages 8 on up)

Prayer Drums from discarded tape rolls

What a mess!

This is an anything goes workshop. We bring the materials and participants use their imagination. Vacuum definitely required.