Generation Green Art Workshops

Put the "mental" in environmental with these wacky recycled art workshops!

Art on the Web

Generation Green’s Trashopia brings you a network of wonderful reuse artists.


Details on how to throw a Trashy Fashion Show.

Materials Exchange

A list of places to get recycled materials for art.

Reuse Forums

Places to discuss reuse.

Reuse Crafts

A list of sites with reuse ideas.

Discards Wanted

The Dumpster Diversion Project - saving strange things in the name of art and education. If it's dead or just sitting in a junk drawer, think about donating it!


Recycling information.

Recycling News

Bi-monthly Northern CA recycling news.

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Environmental Workshops

Generation Green and its partners in the community offer a number of workshops for your school, program, or group. We also work with people who have their own curricula.

Buy Recycled Art!

A number of artists are taking advantage of using discarded materials as an art media. Check out some of these creative ideas!

Art Cars in Cyberspace

Art Cars Decorated vehicles, lowriders, classic cars, hard-to-clasify wheeled contraptions, cars and trucks that have become much, much more than ordinary cars! Clicking this link will take you to another site.

Aunt Annie's Crafts

Aunt Annie's Annie's rafts takes the craft how-to book one step further by putting it on the computer and taking advantage of the flexibility that computers can offer. Clicking this link will take you to another site.

Nita Mehnert

Nita Mehnert Nina finds it very important to reuse discarded materials to form beautiful items which are also a statment about the condition of our existence today. "A world often drowning in its own refuse......both in terms of human misery and discarded wastes". Clicking this link will take you to another site.

Other Reuse Artists

Steve Oatway, junk artist, painter and sculptor.

Pin pendants made with vintage tin cans.

Purses made from books! Too Cool!

Bottle caps and vinyl records make great jewelry.

Environmental artist who uses plastic bags as well as other discarded items.

Very cool futuristic art from recycled material.

Pop cans and glass become pop art with class in the Trashion line of recycled jewelry.

Freeman Loughridge - Giving new life to "History's Discarded Objects". ://

Jim Powers of Gage, Oklahoma creates giant insects, buffaloes, life-size elephants and dinosaurs out of scap metal from junk cars!"

Local Artist from the San Francisco Bay Area! Great junk sculpture!

Welded sand forged steel sculpture Benecia Calif.

Art furniture extending the shelflife of books. Jim Rosenau Berkeley, Calif.

This site has a great list of links on recycled artists.

Products using recycled high tech and electronic components.

Articles About Trash Art

Garden Junk Art

Collection of photos of garden junk art. See also Garden Web forum.

Bottle Cap Art

Bottlecap mosaic table.

Chronicles the technique used for this bottlecap mosaic.

Bottlecap folk art including snakes from bottlecaps.

Packing Foam Art

Trashy Fashion Links

Can they put on a show! The Dumpster Diva actually traveled to Grass Valley to see their amazing & fun show! The Dumpster Diversion Project was thrilled when they came to the EPA trashy fashion show in November 04! Totally original creations by very cool people!

The New Zealand Trash to Fashion Show.

Another trashy fashion designer.